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Go: Using Fork Module

Why ?

When you are using a Go module and encounter a bug, you may try to fix it by forking the repository and sending a pull request. However, the merge or release tag might not be immediately available, and you still need to use the module.

Here is how you can use the forked module: After forking the repository and committing the bug fix, you can run the following command:

go mod edit -replace

This command will add the following code to your go.mod file:

replace => branch

Now, you just need to run the following command to download the module:

go mod download

If you take a look at your go.mod file, you will see that the branch has been changed to tag-(time commit)-(hash commit).

replace => v0.0.0-(time commit)-(hash commit)

Whenever the pull request has been merged, you can feel free to remove the replace statement in the go.mod file and update the module.


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