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Orbit Jump - js13kGames 2021

Game that I made for js13kGames 2021, got 76th place.



Theme for js13kGames 2021 is Space, so I just want to make game about spaceship, the idea is to control spaceship to portal while avoid red line and managing fuel.



I choose Kontra.js because it was pretty small and has math vector and collision utilities, the game it self just using vector projection for collision, hierarchy/tree object for rendering, and control input.


ZzFX, tiny and powerful, providing so many parameter to generate sound.


Already using Parcel for many previous project because it fast, but for now on I will recommend and using Vite because it fast and has large ecosystem plugin, so I can easly make plugin to make workflow easier.

Game Design


Giving player challenge to be careful to not crash and also using the planet orbit to move without fuel.


The purpose level 1-3 is to make player adapt, but when it comes to 4-6 I was lack of motivation and instead just make hard level, someone notice and write it on js13kGames feedback (LOL).